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 About  Lisa

The Rider

Lisa Tannehill was born and raised on a small ranch in Northern Florida and has always had horses.  Her early years were spent riding, training & showing “western” or simply trail riding.  The discovery of “dressage” provided her with a road map for a fantastic journey; a quest for higher education and for that perfect balance between power, control, brilliance, and harmony.

USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

2007 BLM Prix St George/AA Reserve Champion
2008 GAIG Region 1 Intermediate 1
                                        AA Reserve Champion


 The USEF "r"  Judge

  Received USEF "r" Dressage Judge License in 2011

 Graduated from the USDF  "L" judge training program with distinction in 2001


The Photographer

Sometime during grade school,  Lisa  picked up a camera and began experimenting. Horses were a natural focus of her attention.   Years of experience as a rider and her education as a dressage judge provide  insight and a ‘feel’ for the horses she photographs.  Additionally, Lisa understands what a rider wants to see in a picture.  Add a touch of artistic flare and you have a beautiful photograph.  Her work has been published in Dressage Today, Horse News, and on various web sites.




The Tannehill Family, Fall 2007


Left to right:  Onno, Lisa, Ellie, Joe & Wilhelm



Lisa Tannehill
Austin, TX      


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